Michelle Ramirez

Hi! Thanks for checking out my work. I am a wife, a mommy of a beautiful 6 year old girl, and 2 pups. I am an on-site/on location photographer that edits and also works out of my little office at home. I can honestly say that these past six years of photography has been the absolute best years of my life. It was a time that I found my soul and knew that it was something that I was born to do. My style is very journalistic, a little dark, with a touch of mood. I'm a big fan of documenting, and pay close attention to moments.  I love meeting people and seeing their joy through my lens.  I also enjoy what I capture. It is the life when I am surrounded by so much love. I will be honest, I hate being in photos....So i know how a lot of you feel. Which is why I make our sessions easy for every person I meet. To me, there is no such thing as being "non-photogenic." Just be you and let me do the rest. Lets grab some tea and maybe a donut, and book your wedding / session. I promise I'm alot of fun!

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